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Help us give bikes to people with special needs!

Everyone deserves the chance to ride a bike.

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Help us continue to provide bikes for people with special needs!

A member of our RallyCap family, Elaine Plasteras, passed away in 2015. She loved our program and cared deeply for people with special needs. When she passed away, her family directed her memorial bequests to our program, and we purchased five adaptive bikes for students with special needs because we believe every child should have the opportunity to experience that special sense of freedom and pride of having their very own bike.

This year we rallied together again, with the support of the McLindon Family Foundation and Plasteras family, to provide four new adaptive bikes for four wonderful students with special needs at the LADACIN Network Schroth School in Ocean Twp, NJ.

We would love for this special tribute to become an annual project where we donate bikes to deserving people with special needs each year. In order to make this happen, we need your help! Every dollar raised toward Elaine's Project will go directly to the purchase of special needs bikes for the upcoming year. Each bike costs about $2,000, because of the custom modifications that each person with special needs requires. The amount we raise here will determine how many bikes we can provide in 2019!

We want Elaine's memory to live on within the smiles of these special people who only want what every other person wants - the opportunity to experience the joy of riding a bike.